An photo of Becca, the owner of Club Gemini. She has pink hair, is wearing a purple wooly jumper and is smiling.


Hello! I’m Becca, an illustrator and designer based in the UK. But I feel like you already knew that bit, so let’s get a little more personal and talk about the things that are important to me, why I’m here, and why I do what I do!

A huge belief for me, is that we should spend our time doing the things that we love doing, things that are important to us and the things that we dream of. But I’ve been told so many times that I shouldn’t or can’t do those things.

I created Club Gemini, because I was fed up of being told what I could or couldn’t do, and I wanted to prove to myself that if I believe in something, then I can make it happen. I want to inspire people like you to do the same, to go after your dreams, and I want to be right there cheering you on while you do it.

I want to use my art to make positive changes, to empower people, to talk about important things. And I want Club Gemini to be a place where you know that you can come to feel motivated and supported in whatever you’re doing.


Now this is where you come in...

Club Gemini isn’t about me, its about creating something that empowers you to go for what you want and to celebrate yourself for who you are. I can’t do that without you because that’s something you have to do for yourself. My role is to help you along the way, by creating things that make the process more fun, and by cheering you on from the side-lines when you level up, or giving you a pep-talk if you need it!  

The important part is to know that Club Gemini is a place for you to be yourself, work on growing in whatever direction you want, and knowing that you have the support and motivation of a BADASS community behind you.


So with that being said, here’s some of the things I offer, to help you get started with those amazing goals of yours!